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Media Fixer and Location Manager

Panoramic Journeys is a one-stop shop for in-country media production services and location management in Mongolia, Burma (Myanmar) and Bhutan, as well as India, China and Nepal.

We have extensive experience in every aspect of press, film and TV production with an enviable track record of collaborating with a wide range of international clients, from small independent companies to large multi-national corporations.

"Working with Karina and James on the Mongolian section of the Long Way Round was not only invaluable for our trip because they really know Mongolia so well but it was also a great deal of fun. There is no doubt that we saw more of that great country because of Panoramic Journeys than we would have done otherwise."

Ewan McGregor

Full range of media production services

From brainstorming story ideas to writing subtitles, the team at Panoramic provide full assistance from pre to post-production and everything in between. 

In-country expert teams in Mongolia, Burma (Myanmar) and Bhutan
Efficient, ethical, sustainable and friendly service
Around the clock support with offices in country and in the UK
Over 20 years of experience
Confidentiality and professionalism

Our portfolio includes:



From locating wolves, eagles, jerboas or even deathworms to knowing the respectful way to enter a ger, our local experience makes it easy to get the perfect shot.


Navigating remote destinations can be a logistical nightmare, but our teams will ensure a smooth journey so crew can concentrate on the production.


From facilitating a 53-strong crew through challenging terrain to brainstorming story ideas, Panoramic Fixers are on hand to see projects through to the end.


Whether they need a producer or a local guide, the Panoramic team know how to fulfill the needs of any photographer.


With a vast desert, mountainous steppe and colourful urban landscapes, Mongolia's largely unseen terrain is a stunning location for any shoot.


With our own production teams and local crew, Panoramic Fixers can provide everything needed to turn ideas into reality.



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