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PJ Responsible Travel Policy

Panoramic Journeys has been committed to operating in a responsible way ever since its set up in 2003.

On tour we aim, through working with suppliers, tour leaders, local crew and customers to:

• Ensure local crew are treated well and fairly and paid a fair wage

• Encourage positive relations with local people and be an economic benefit to them

• Minimise our impact on the environment and local people’s lives

The aim of Panoramic Journey’s Responsible Tourism Policy is to:

• Educate our staff, tour leaders, local agents, guides, crew, suppliers and clients on the importance of sensitivity to environmental, cultural and economic matters in our destinations

• Give practical guidance on how to achieve our objectives

• Set goals to work towards. We recognise that we are not perfect; but through feedback from clients, leaders and suppliers we remain open to suggestions for improvement. In addition, our In-House Responsible Tourism Policy provides staff with policy and guidelines as to how to operate in a responsible and ethical way.

Below is Panoramic Journey’s full Responsible Tourism Policy, which is issued to our suppliers and leaders. This is constantly being reviewed and we welcome feedback from all sources, which may heighten our awareness of our responsibility issues.

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