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Mongolian World Records

We thought we knew most things about our favourite holiday destination, but when it comes to Mongolian world records, we were not very well informed – until now! In 2013, some of our guests on a PJ tailormade holiday in Mongolia, (very much like our Mongolian Epic journey), were lucky enough to watch an extraordinary event – an attempt to break the World Record of 7,895 for the largest parade of horses.

One of the team from our UB office, told us all about it:

"The horses gathered at Khui Doloon Khudag from all over the country.  By the time our group stopped there, the organizers were trying to count the horses.  Luckily, we had time to meet the horsemen and have a quick chat with some of them before everyone joined in the parade. Everyone was so pleased to be participating in this big event – nothing like this never ever happened before. It was the only chance in life to see over 10,000 horses in one place!"

Organised by the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers (FMHRST), a total of 11,125 horses and their riders gathered outside the capital UB on 9th August 2013 to break the record with ease.

It isn’t very often that one finds so many horses and riders in one place, so the very next day the Mongolians took the opportunity to attempt another horse-related World Record – this time the most runners in a horse race. The record to break was 228 runners, and this was also beaten convincingly with a total of 4, 249!

All of this world-record-breaking-horse excitement got us talking in the office. What other amazing records have the Mongolians broken? It is a traditional saying over there that “a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without the wings”, so it comes as no surprise that as well as the biggest horse parade and the biggest horse race, the longest horse race in the world also takes place in Mongolia – the Mongol Derby, over 1000km, (which was recently won by 19 year old Lara Prior-Palmer from Hampshire, UK).

Apart from being excellent horsemen, the Mongolians are also known for their prowess as wrestlers. Wrestling is a national game and is one of the ‘3 manly sports’ celebrated at the Mongolian Naadam Festival, (the other two being horse-racing and archery). Since 2011, the Mongolian National Wrestling Federation holds the record for the largest wrestling tournament with 6,002 participants!

Equally as splendid, it is a Mongolian woman who holds the World Record for “longest time to hold the Marinelli bend position”. Tsatsral Erdenebileg, a dancer, held the position for two minutes and 34 seconds in April, 2013.

Now if these weren’t impressive achievements enough, this extraordinary country is also the least populated independent country in the world, has the coldest capital city and the smallest stock exchange!

Thank you to Maeve Bradbury for this and other articles she has written for PJ.


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