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Survive the Wilderness
With Panoramic Journeys
Starts/02 Jul 2019
Duration/7 Days
Group Size/3-8

Survivacation with Randy Champagne $3,350/£2,630*

Join primitive-skills and survival expert Randy Champagne on a “survivacation" in the wilds of Mongolia. This journey will centre around students learning everything they need to know about surviving and thriving in any wilderness setting. During this course you will learn to catch and cook fish over a fire you started by friction (rubbing two sticks together!), proper identification of edible plants (and poisonous ones too!), the importance of attitude, nature-connection, shelter building, plus many more exciting skills!

We have purposefully chosen a location where you can immerse yourself in the great outdoors and create deeper connections with the land, animals, yourself and travel companions. We believe in the idea of disconnecting to reconnect. This is a rare opportunity to find peace and solace in one of the most remote and untouched places on the planet.

To ensure you have a comfortable transition from the bustle of the modern world into the wild, we will be providing the group with a private wilderness camp that includes a expedition tents, a dining area and a cook for the times between foraging and fishing.

Randy Champagne has been teaching wilderness skills for more than 10 years at the world renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) in Utah. He also starred on Seasons 2 & 5 of History Channel’s ALONE,  a self-documented survival show which places individuals alone in the wilderness to survive off the land using very limited supplies. On the most recent season of ALONE, Randy spent 35 days in the remote foothills of the Khan Khentii mountains of Mongolia and is excited to share with you his experience and knowledge. His passion for the outdoors and having fun is highly contagious. Join Randy and Panoramic Journeys on the adventure of a lifetime.

You can read more about how we made Alone : Season 5 a reality in Mongolia here.

Why book this tour

Not really a tour.  This Survivacation is a one-off opportunity to learn from professional bushcraft instructor and two-time History Channel ALONE contestant.  Four days in the wilderness with Randy discovering how to live off the land and finding out just how he survived 35 days in the wilderness.  After that learn how the nomadic herders on the Mongolian steppe survive in a world where ancient meets modern.  This is Randy's first and only trip back to Mongolia so don't miss out.

*Prices in GBP are subject to change, and will depend on the USD/GBP exchange rate at the time of payment.

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