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Explorers Club
With Panoramic Journeys
Starts/19 Oct 2019
Duration/16 Days
Group Size/8-12

Rajasthan at Diwali 2019 $5,800/£4,498*

Our Explorers Club itineraries are brand new, original itineraries, inspired by the interests of our team of travel designers, guides, and the feedback we receive from you and hosted by one of the PJ team or international expert. They may be new routes in our specialist countries, or an exciting new itinerary in a completely new destination. They may be a one-off tour, or become one of our Classic Journeys of the future.

These ‘recce’ trips will be well thought out and well researched by our local guides, but there will some element that will be be a first for PJ. We know that some of our intrepid clients love the opportunity to explore and discover these new routes and adventures with us, being there from the start of something new and enjoying the thrill of doing something which may not go 100% according to plan!  

We are delighted to offer this Explorer’s Club journey to India to discover not only the classic highlights of the exquisite temples, forts and palace towns of North India, but also to take the less-beaten path through rural Rajasthan.   Specially timed to coincide with the Diwali Celebrations, the biggest festival in India, you are invited to participate in the special celebrations of this festival of lights with your royal hosts in their home.

In typical PJ style, during the journey we will take the time to have tea with camel herders, stop to hold new-born goats, help villagers to pluck their crops by hand, and experience a quieter, more peaceful India – a place of shepherds wandering home with their herds at sundown, where leopards roam, and village life is tranquil. 

Learn more of India, witnessing not only the spectacular architecture of the forts and palaces, the beautiful and varied artistic traditions, but also learn about how India today is changing for local villagers and tribes.  Travel through the countryside on local trains, chatting to passengers travelling to market to sell their wares.  Bump along dusty trails to dinner on a bull cart under the star-filled skies.  Take a jeep safari to spot magnificent leopards out for their nightly stroll.  And walk in the rural countryside with Asian elephants, rescued from their former urban homes.  And, of course, throughout your journey, taste the authentic flavour of Rajasthani hospitality while staying in charming havelis and royal homes.

Why book this tour

Denise, your host on this tour, has travelled extensively in India and loves this journey.  With the opportunity to visit the must-see highlights as well as get under-the-surface in rural Rajastan this is the perfect introduction to India.  You'll probably see leopards and we may even find you a spot of tranquility amongst the colourful, chaotic whirl that is the sub-continent.

*Prices in GBP are subject to change, and will depend on USD/GBP exchange rates at the time of booking. 

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Whether it's to ask a quick question or to start planning the journey of a lifetime, we'd love to hear from you.

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