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Starts/01 Jul 2019
Duration/15 Days
Group Size/3-8

Naadam Festival Experience 2019

From the idyllic steppe and sand dunes in Mongolia's heartland to the lakes and mountains in the forested north, this tour explores spectacular scenery, stunning natural wonders and the country's rich cultural heritage. Your journey includes a homestay alongside a nomadic family where you can try camel riding, take a visit to Mongolia's oldest monastery, Erdene Zuu Khiid, at Kharkhorin, celebrate the annual Naadam festival like a local then stay at a secluded eco-camp on the east of Lake Khovsgol; relax or be as energetic as you like.

From Ulaanbaatar, head west towards the ancient Mongol capital of Kharkhorin stopping at the dunes of Bayangobi to stay alongside our nomadic friends where you can also try riding camels. Continue on to watch a morning ceremony at Erdene Zuu Monastery, which is built on the site of the ancient capital of Chinggis Khan, then wander the small town of Tsetserleg before joining with the locals at the village Naadam; the celebration of the 'Three Manly Sports'. Get up close to the action and feast on traditional Mongolian food. Carry on west to the forests and hills of Arkhangai and up to the beautiful White Lake, where you can walk, ride or climb to the crater rim of the extinct Khorgo Volcano. Drive north via Jargalant and Muron to Lake Khovsgol where you can explore the area on horseback or relax by the shore at the secluded eco-camp on the less-visited eastern side of the lake. Your journey ends by flying back to Ulaanbaatar to enjoy its fascinating museums and shops.

This small group journey can also be enjoyed with a overland return to Ulaanbaatar via Amarbayasgalant Monastery.

If you wish to extend your adventure in the Mongolian countryside you can opt to return to Ulaanbaatar overland from Lake Khovsgol.  This journey will take you across the ever changing terrain from the Alpine north to the central steppe.  You will travel to Uran Togoo-Tulga Natural Monument, an area of extinc volcanoes, and on to the magificent XVIII centrury Amargayasgalant Monastery complex before returning to the capital.

The full itinerary with overland return takes 17 days and is $5995 per person

You can download the itinerary here: Naadam Festival Experience with Overland Return

And the flight return itinerary is here: Naadam Festival Experience

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An all encompassing central and northern Mongolian journey plus joining celebrations at a local Naadam festival along the way. See rare Przewalski's horses, visit the ancient city of Kharkhorin then relax at Lake Khovsgol. This is a well paced trip staying mainly in ger camps with full facilities, also experiencing a family stay with our nomadic friends by the dunes where basic facilites exist. 

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"Fantastic, amazing, wonderful, incredible, marvellous... Mongolia is a must, truly. The country, the scenery, the people...The picnics were fantastic. I mean really, caviar in a meadow of wildflowers?"

Lesley Shane

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