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Explore the Wild West
Starts/04 Sep 2018
Duration/16 Days
Group Size/3-6

Altai Explorer Expedition 2018

Horses, camels & eagles are at the centre of this amazing Mongolian adventure. Flying immediately out to Ulgii at the far west of the country, you will become as one with nature, trekking through spectacular vistas, and summiting the mighty Mount Malchin, before preparing to meet your new eagle hunter friends. Spend the days before the Eagle Festival training and preparing, and participating in nomadic life, before making the two-day ride to Sagsai to watch the competition. Two nights back in the metropolis of Ulaanbaatar rounds off this adventurous, intensive trip of a lifetime.

After arriving in the capital Ulaanbaatar you can enjoy the day exploring the city, its monasteries or museums.  Then fly west to Ulgii to get a flavour of life in the Kazakh peoples region of Mongolia.

Drive the 180km to Tavan Bogd National Park through spectacular high-mountain desert landscapes.  Trek or camel ride through lush alpine tundra to your base camp at 3095m at the base on the 20km Potanin Glacier.  The next day you will climb Malchin Peak (4050m), it's a tough but non-technical scramble and you'll be rewarded with views of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mount Khuiten, Mongolia's highest peak. 

Return by camel to Tsagaan Gol valley, camp and be reunited with your vehicles.  Drive to through the mountains to meet your eagle hunter host family.  They are your hosts for 3 nights as you learn about their nomadic lives and how to hunt with a golden eagle. Set out on your two-day ride (95km) through the Khovd river valley to Sagsai, perhaps fitting in a little training on the way.  Finally spend a couple of days at the Sagsai Eagle festival.  Witness the spectacle of the region's eagle hunters competing for supremacy in hunting, riding and Bushkashi (goat-carcass, horse-back tug-of-war) competitions.    Return to Ulaanbaatar, unwind at a cultural concert of tradition music and dance along with evocative throat-signing.  Round of your adventure with a day in the beautiful Terelj National Park and a visit to the imposing 40m high Chinggis Khan Equestrian Monument.  Then say a sad farewell to Mongolia and the adventure of a lifetime.

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This exciting adventure into Mongolia's wild west includes a glacier camel trek, climbing one of the country's highest peaks, camping out in spectactular wilderness, staying with an eagle hunter family, making a two-day ride with them to a spectacular festival.  An awesome adventure. 

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