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Family Holidays in Mongolia
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Family Journeys in Mongolia

Mongolia is the perfect destination for your family holiday. Whilst the experiences we design for each family are unique, you will benefit from the fact that many aspects have been tested on our own children and parents!

There really is something for every member of the family in Mongolia. We pride ourselves in finding out extra information about you, your family and other families who you will be travelling with, and then coming up with ideas that will suit you all. Please pick up the phone and give us a call. In the meantime, here are some ideas to whet your appetitite;

1. Walk with dinosaurs

The Gobi Desert has been the site of a large percentage of the world’s dinosaur finds, now seen in museums across the world. Visit the extraordinary ‘Flaming Cliffs’ at Bayanzag on your quest for dinosaur bones and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a prehistoric world!

2. In the saddle

Did you know that Mongolia has more horses than people? Whether you’re learning to ride with local children, or embarking on a week-long trek across the steppe, Mongolia is the place to do it. Suitable for riders of all abilities, our horse riding activities come with an experienced guide.

3. Survival of the fittest

Test your wits with a night in the wilderness – camp under the stars, forage for rhubarb and other wild delights and cook your supper over the campfire.

4. Home sweet home

Putting up a ger is a great family bonding activity and traditionally all ages help. It takes the professionals an hour, but for newcomers it may take a whole day!

5. Back to basics

Have a taste of nomadic life as you live with local families. Help with the daily tasks like milking the animals and collecting wood and dung for the fire. Try your hand at fermenting the milk into airag or learn how to make traditional dumplings.

6. Steppe back in time

Chinggis Khan lives on through a nation proud of its heritage. Visit the awe-inspiring 131 foot high Chinggis Khan equestrian monument and visitor’s centre on the bank of the Tuul River and learn about how he founded the largest empire in the history of the world!

7. Sun, sand and camels

Take a camel trek through the desert before climbing up the spectacular singing sand dunes of Khongoryn Els and sliding down the other side.

8. A day at the beach

Mongolia’s stunning lakes mean that you can even enjoy a day on a beach during your time in landlocked Mongolia! Lake Khovsgol holds 70% of Mongolia’s fresh water and is perfect for paddling, fishing and even kayaking.

9. Eagles

Meet the beautiful Golden Eagles that are trained for hunting by the Kazakh people of the Altai mountains in the far west of Mongolia.

10. Take a walk on the wild side

Wake in the early hours and take a walk across the wilderness on the lookout for argali sheep, ibex, eagles and maybe even a wolf. Younger ones can take part in our animal spotting challenge, the rarer the animal the more points you get!

11. Sports day

Archery, wrestling and horse racing are the most popular sports in Mongolia. Learn archery and wrestling with a local family, take part in an organised competition, or play football with Buddhist monks; anything can happen in Mongolia!

12. Take the plunge

See Mongolia’s magnificent landscapes and wildlife from a different point of view with a kayak/raft trip down the Kherlen or Tuul River.

13. Music in the air

Whether it is listening to a master play the horse headed fiddle or learning traditional throat-singing, Mongolia is full of delights for music-lovers of all ages.

14. Get crafty

Learn with local handicraft specialists who will help you make your own traditional Mongolian felt gifts or even an item of traditional clothing.

15. Lights, camera, action!

We organise fantastic trips for film fans including visiting locations and characters seen on the silver screen. You can hire a photographer or filmmaker to document your holiday or learn from an experienced film guide how to make your own movies.

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Speak to Karina our Travel Designer

Whether it's to ask a quick question or to start planning the journey of a lifetime, we'd love to hear from you.

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