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A Nomadic Family Adventure
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A Nomadic Family Adventure in Mongolia

This exciting two-week family adventure in the heart of Mongolia will take you to the Gobi Desert, the vast open steppe, mysterious monasteries and immerse you into nomadic life.


Mongolia is a vast country of diverse landscape and culture so we have created a two-week immersion into the highlights of the central heartland region that explores the lifestyle of the nomads and the wild adventure of dunes, rivers, mountain and lakes where everyone can run free.  With not a fence in sight you'll be staying in traditional gers, helping families with their animals, gazing at the stars, riding camels and so much more.

Spend a night in the capital Ulaanbaatar before heading out to the countryside to start learning about the Mongolian nomadic culture and visit the Khustai Nuruu National Park, home to the rare wild Przewalski Horse. Travel on in your Furgon (a rugged Russian 4x4 Minibus) to stay with a nomadic family for a few days; spend time learning about their life and helping with the daily chores; milking the yaks, making dumplings, foraging for berries and making some clotted cream to go with them.  

Journey through the spectacular wide open landscape in your Furgon with your driver and guide stopping off from day to day to take a camel ride to an ancient monastery, explore Kharkhorin (ancient Kharakorum - the capital of the Mongol Empire), fish in the rivers, play on sand dunes or discover fascinating rural markets.  If you can time your journeys to fit in a horse festival or countryside Nadaam celebration of the three manly-sports; wrestling, horse-riding and archery you'll get a truly rich flavour of the core of this amazing ancient nomadic culture  We could even arrange Warrior school so that you can learn some of these traditions from the days of the Mongol Empire. 


In Ulaanbaatar you will stay in one of our favourite hotels. Then once out in the country you'll be staying in traditional gers (Mongolian yurts).  These may be in a ger camp, a kind of countryside hotel with shower block and a restaurant or alongside a family in more rustic surroundings.  You may have a bowl of hot water to wash in and the toilet facilities will give the children something to talk about when they go back to school!


  • Help make buuz and bin, traditional dumplings and sweet pancakes
  • Try your hand at milking a yak, a goat and maybe even a horse
  • Take a stars book to identify the constellations in the clearest, brightest skies you are likely to see
  • Can you throat-sing? - Join us at the camp fire and we'll teach you how


The most pleasant temperatures are in June, July and August giving you plenty of outdoor adventure time.


For a family of four this journey would start at $12,000 excluding international flights.

You may wish to add to the cultural exploration by spending a few days beforehand in Beijing; explore the Forbidden City, the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium and the Great Wall before climbing abord the Trans-Mongolian railway for the overnight trip to Ulaanbaatar.  What better way to start?

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"We've travelled extensively in Mongolia with our two boys and I have to say that for them the freedom is liberating and for us spending such quality time without 21st century distractions is what life is all about"