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Nepal is, of course, synonymous with the greatest mountain range on earth. An adventure playground of awe-inspiring peaks and roaring white-water rivers, it is the ultimate destination for adventure and mountain lovers. But Nepal offers so much more: a surprisingly diverse array of landscapes and attractions and a melting pot of cultures. An amazing country to explore or perfect extension to any trip to Bhutan, particularly if you are flying via Kathmandu, you will experience two very different Himalayan cultures in one trip.

Tropical jungles in the southern lowland plains have an abundance of wildlife spotting opportunities. Dramatic rice paddies cut into the central mountains in Kathmandu valley and beyond, leading to charming villages with warm welcomes. Kathmandu with its medieval cities and numerous UNESCO world heritage sites is an intoxicating and chaotic mix of ancient alleyways, medieval architecture, colourful markets and golden stupas, tiny workshops and courtyards overflowing with drying rice. Nepal will transfix you with its multitude of colours, fragrances, sounds, and landscapes.

Many of our guests combine Nepal with Bhutan but naturally we can create a wonderful journey in Nepal alone; a country of such fascination and deiversity deserves the time to explore.




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