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We pride ourselves in designing small group journeys to Bhutan which enable you to take advantage of the benefits joining others, whilst still allowing you time for your individual interests.

Our group journeys have been tried, tested and refined since 2007. You will be benefiting from years of crafting of these journeys. You will also be able experience our first choice accommodation as we book rooms for these journeys so far in advance that we can secure our favourites.

Each year we run our Bhutanese Epic journey. This is our comprehensive journey that explores the width of the country and takes in two festivals. You will return from this journey feeling priveleged to have got to places that few others reach.

For those of you with a little less time, we have our Savouring journey which is slower in pace. This journey is designed with flexibility in mind. By having two guides and two vehicles there are plenty of opportunities for members of the group to follow their interests. The example we give is that a few members of the group might opt to climb the mountain whilst a few others chose to paint it or visit a school or monastery in the valley.

Our Highlights journey does what it says on the can! Thankfully the places within reach of Paro (and thereby the airport) are a treat to behold. You will not feel short changed going on one of these journeys. Kinder on the pocket, this shorter trip is easily combined with a period in Nepal.

Bhutan is only reached through a limited number of flight routes. We have designed all of our group journeys to travel via Kathmandu, Nepal. The reason is threefold;

  • There are daily flights between Kathmandu and Paro
  • Kathmandu is a great stop off as it allows you to start acclimatising to the altitude.
  • Visas for Nepal are easily obtained on arrival (as opposed to the Delhi route which is more complicated visas wise).
Journeys in Bhutan Departs Days

Walking in Bhutan - $6,360

13th October 2018


Highlights of Nepal and Bhutan 2018 - $4,850

1st December 2018


The Bhutanese Epic 2019 - $8,695

9th November 2019



We promote these group journeys when we are able to secure the accomodation.  So if you fancy a journey that you can't see then get in touch and we'll tell you when we are planning to run it.

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"A truly memorable holiday in a wonderful country which is totally unique...The personal attention when planning the trip was exceptional, you made a group holiday feel like a tailor-made holiday."

Glenys Pickens

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