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5 Extreme Adventures in Mongolia

In the true spirit of Panoramic Journeys and exploring distant lands, we have always had a bit of a soft spot for wild-hearted adventurers and the extreme expeditions they undertake. Of course Mongolia, with its varied landscape, varied topography and ranging temperature, and endless wide open spaces, is THE perfect place for an expedition. Here are 5 crazy adventures that unfolded in the Land of the Blue Skies.

Rob Lilwall & Leon McCarron - Walking Home from Mongolia

We were really proud to be one of the sponsors for Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron‘s epic 2012 journey across China. The pair walked over 5,000 km from the Gobi Desert, followed the Great Wall, paddled a stretch of the Yellow River, trekked through the mountains of central China and ended up in bustling Hong Kong. “Along the way they encountered -30°C and interrogations by the Chinese police, as well as exuberant hospitality of desert nomads, cave dwellers and villagers.” Rob has written a book chronicling their adventures called Walking Home from Mongolia and a DVD of the National Geographic 4-part TV series is also available.

Tim Cope - On The Trail of Genghis Khan

In 2004, Tim Cope set out on 10,000 km solo odyssey that was to take over three years travelling from Mongolia to Hungary on horseback. “Despite the harsh conditions, loneliness, prowling wolves and horse-thieves, Tim encountered a warm hospitality from those he met along the way. Such is the life of a nomad.” Tim’s book about his years on the Eurasian steppe is called On The Trail of Genghis Khan.

Andre Tolme - Golfing Mongolia

Andre Tolme became the first and only person to golf their way across Mongolia in 2004. It took 90 days to cover the 2,322,000 yards (or 1,200 miles) and 12,170 shots, not to mention 509 lost balls. You can read the amusing progress reports he wrote as he travelled, on his website 'Golf Mongolia' where there are also details of the book that followed. “As I wander across this land, there is no doubt in my mind that golf must have originated here. The horses, goats, and sheep keep the fairways mowed down to the perfect playable height; every day is a sunny day (perfect for golf); and the marmot holes make perfect targets.”

Ash Dykes - Walking across Mongolia

Most recently, Ash Dykes became the first person to walk unsupported and alone across Mongolia. In August last year, he finished his extraordinary journey after 78 days, having covered 1,700 miles pulling all of his kit and supplies in a cart behind him. At one stage, he walked for 8 days without seeing another person. Check out his blog and his website. “Throughout the expedition I felt privileged to see the country first hand and witness its diverse landscape and unpredictable climate… [Mongolians] are amazingly hospitable, friendly and family oriented people.”

Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman - The Long Way Round

And no discussion about adventuring in Mongolia would be complete without a mention of our old friends Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. Their incredible 20,000 mile world motorcycle tour in 2004 crossed 12 countries in 115 days and Panoramic Journeys‘ film logistics team organised the Mongolia leg of the trip. “A tour of the sewers to meet the city’s street children, and the Mongolian delicacy of sheep balls are just some of the events that awaited the pair on their journey across the width of this remarkable country.” You can read more about The Long Way Round on our Panoramic Fixers website and see how we were involved.



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