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Bespoke holidays, tailor-made tours, vacations designed from scratch. Whatever it is you want to call it. That's what we do. In each of our wonderful destinations Mongolia, Bhutan and Myanmar.

At Panoramic Journeys HQ recently, we came to the conclusion that we are actually terrible sales people. If we were all about business efficiency we’d have a set of “tailor-made” itineraries, ready-packaged and there to flog. The problem is, if we did that, we’d get terribly bored.

It all starts from the beginning. Usually, a phone call. We work out what you want to get from your time away. For some people, they have no idea where they want to go, but know how they want to come back feeling. For others, it’s more about actual experiences or encounters. Observing snow leopards in remote habitats, hunting with eagles. Living like a local in Bagan. A private yacht in a jewel sea, island hopping. Long-held dreams, fulfilled.

We listen and we create. This means, that with each phone call, we start to build a new journey from scratch.

Yes, it means we often find ourselves reinventing the wheel but this keeps us on our toes, the blood coursing through our veins and is the reason we get out of bed in the morning.  And as much as we thrive on the left-field, challenging journeys (“I want to cross the Gobi desert on foot and need 12 camels by next week”. Yes, that happened), sometimes, of course, it’s as simple as bringing a family or a group of international friends together somewhere that little bit more extraordinary.

We like extraordinary. We also have a film production and logistics business, Panoramic Fixers, which has enabled us to get the know the far reaches of our countries.  It means, that we don’t sell itineraries. We create personalised journeys and it’s always our mission to think beyond... to how we can help create the right connections – either to the people, culture, wildlife or landscape in the destinations themselves, or among the people travelling.

So, where do we go from here? Well, if we sound like the kind of people you think can make it happen for you, then have a good old browse around the site.  To make life a little easier we have created some Itineraries to Inspire to get you started. Tell us what you like the look of, what 'floats your boat' save it in your favourites, allow yourself to dream a little. 

When you're ready, get in touch.


Itineraries to Inspire

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Myanmar in StyleAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Classic Burma and BeachAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Ultimate Bhutan with NepalAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Bhutan in StyleAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Epic Mongolia: Desert, Steppe and LakeAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Land of the ReindeerAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
A Short Break in MongoliaAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Exploring the Gobi DesertAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Hunting with Golden Eagles in MongoliaAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Mongolia in StyleAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Myanmar by Road, Rail, and RiverAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Savouring BhutanAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
The Highlights of Nepal and BhutanAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
The Bhutanese OdysseyAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Bhutanese Monasteries and Nepalese TigersAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Nomadic EncountersAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Myanmar; Off the Beaten TrackAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Mongolian Altai AdventureAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
The Jomolhari TrekAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary
Sailing the Mergui ArchipelagoAdd to favouritesDownload Itinerary

"I found the trip of Panoramic Journeys to be way beyond my wildest expectations...I am grateful to Panoramic for giving me this experience of a lifetime!!!"

Susan Brown

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