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Short rejuvenating breaks

Escape Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai for a long weekend. A short break is just what the doctor ordered.

Busy busy. Time-strapped. Under pressure. Relentless schedule. Corporate treadmill. When did you last turn off and tune in? It wasn't always like this. Once you dreamt of wide open spaces, barefoot adventures, carefree living, aimless wanderings. That life still burns at the edges of your soul, at the outer reaches of your imagination...

What if we told you you could have all that - in a weekend? You could get to live the dream for a couple of glorious days. You can take a short break, a mini-holiday. You can have a change of scenery, a breath of fresh air. You can.

Make the call. Let us take care of things. You will get a good return on your investment. You, your business, and your family will all see the benefits. Widen your field of vision. Stand back for a moment. Get a sense of perspective and re-engage with what life is all about. Recharge. Refuel. Revitalise.

Let us transport you to a totally different time and space, in a long weekend. Live as one of Genghis Khan’s notorious warriors. Trek up the cliffside to the ancient Tiger’s Nest monastery. Learn to row with one leg on Inle Lake with the Intha people.

Try something new. Learn a new skill. A yoga session in the middle of the steppe. A cookery class in the shadow of an ancient temple. A painting lesson beneath snowy mountain peaks. If you only have time to take a short break from your daily routine, make it count. Turn off and tune out. Enjoy a digital detox. Let Panoramic Journeys take care of communications. And everything else...

Find out how it feels to have white sand amongst your pocket change on a Monday morning. To have met. To have heard. To have felt.



Short, Sharp, Special

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"We had an awesome trip to Mongolia this past weekend. My crew all loved it! Things went smoothly, and in particular our guide and two drivers were all highly professional and were fantastic to us. Our guide Tudevee was superb - incredibly good English, really nice/friendly, knowledgeable, and good sense of humor. We couldn’t have been happier with him. I wanted to thank you as well for all your work in coordinating this trip - I really appreciate your help."

Kevin Patric

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