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Knowing that our favourite destinations are not easy places to visit independently, Panoramic Journeys offer one or two Small Group Journeys each year, with set departure dates, allowing you to explore the best of our destinations in the company of like-minded travellers. The size of our groups, typically between 6 and 10, allow us to give you authentic, real time with local people. Experiences that you can share, with a sense of camaraderie, with the like-minded, passionate travellers that make up our groups. As with our tailor-made journeys, we believe in listening to you and understanding your interests and motivations to travel, to guide you to choose the right group trip for you.

PJ Classic Journeys

Our Classic Journeys have been crafted by our expert travel designers, who have travelled these routes and know them inside-out. These classic trips have been meticulously planned, tried, tested, tweaked, adjusted and refined, so that they really do represent the best that our countries have to offer. 

PJ Explorers Club

Our Explorers Club Itineraries are brand new, original itineraries, inspired by the interests of our team of travel designers, guides, and the feedback we receive from you and hosted by one of the PJ team or international expert. 


PJ Classic - Mongolia Departs Days

Gobi, Heartland and Altai Eagle Festival $6,695

31st August 2019


Riding with the Eagle Hunters $5,125

8th September 2019


Explorers'Club - Mongolia Departs Days

Snow Leopard Tracking Expedition   $7,630

25th September 2020


PJ Classic - Bhutan Departs Days

Savouring Bhutan 2019 - $5,100                                           

7th November 2019


The Bhutanese Epic 2019 - $7,865

19th November 2019



Explorers Club - India                                                   Departs Days

Rajasthan the PJ Way - $5800

19th October 2019



PJ Classic - Myanmar                                                   Departs Days

Myanmar by Road, Rail & River - $3,895 

2nd Febraury 2020



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"The flexibility of being in a small group meant that unscheduled stops at points of interests could be made without much impact on the event or surroundings... Every day was different and very well organised the right balance of arranged excursions and free time. A wonderful experience not just a holiday."

Linda Howard

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