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We love matchmaking. No need for nervous laughter. Designing successful group tours is all about getting the chemistry right. There are many considerations. Small groups of likeminded people. TICK. Well thought out, original itineraries designed by genuine specialists. TICK. Nothing greedy about the single supplement. TICK. Oh, and let’s not forget the magic ingredient. Serendipity. TICK.

So, serendipity? Chance encounters. The unexpected. Yes, we actually plan for it. We design the pace (slow), group make-up (small & considered) and route (untouristy) in such a way that you definitely will have unique and memorable encounters. Accidentally on purpose. It’s the thing that makes sparks fly. The thing that stokes the fire. That turns group travel into extraordinary journeys with friends.

“When we all came together around the campfire that evening, we shared our very different experiences of the first day. John met a man who gave him a lesson in lassoing horses. I flew a kite by the stream with our host's kids. Mike and David galloped off with herdsmen to round up yaks and then climbed the summit for a view of the Lake. Molly milked the horses, then rolled up her sleeves to make dumplings. Meanwhile, Anne painted the scene - each of us going about our day as nomads. We still meet up every six months to remember the marvellous journey that we all shared.”
Our group tours offer the very best seasonal events and cultural highlights of Mongolia and Bhutan. Panoramic Journeys’ style of travel means you’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way, eat the local way, sleep in the best places we can find. You’ll get as close to local life as possible without actually moving in, our expert guides will ensure of that. Small groups, big adventures.


Journeys in Mongolia Departs Days

Sagsai Eagle Festival Tour $2885

12th September 2018


Gobi, Heartland and Altai Eagle Festival $6,695

9th September 2019



Journeys in Bhutan                      Departs Days

The Bhutanese Epic 2019 - $8,695

9th November 2019



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"The flexibility of being in a small group meant that unscheduled stops at points of interests could be made without much impact on the event or surroundings... Every day was different and very well organised the right balance of arranged excursions and free time. A wonderful experience not just a holiday."

Linda Howard

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