Upon arrival at the monastery of Kharakhorum we spent a while observing the chanting monks and given today’s problems in the world and the root causes of them we can learn from the tolerance that this religion gives to others.

The town of Kharakhorum brings us back to the history of Chinggis Khan and we arrived here the next day, the old capital of the Mongol Kingdom with the first snowfall of the winter season.  It was fitting that just before we came to the town we stopped by a family ger camp where they we milking the mares – our first encounter with the real nomadic way of life.  We were invited inside and welcomed with a hot stove and a bowl of airag being passed around along with cow milk vodka.

On the dash back to Ulaanbaatar, we stopped at the Hustai National Park and were delighted to catch the fantastic horse-play by the re-introduced Przewalski Mongolian wild horse before then taking a flight to the far west in the Altai region.

Thank you to David Beer for this blog entry who travelled on our Gobi & Altai with Eagle Festival journey in 2011. Click here to read his next posting. 

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