we walked in the already hot sunshine along the road back to Schwedagon, taking our time in the sapping humidity of a Rangoon Sunday morning. At the temple we walked up once more between the stalls and joined the human tide of visitors flowing round the golden centre. It was hot and bright and the atmosphere one of a day out, with families picnicking under the shaded verandas of shrines, praying, sitting, discussing, reading , contemplating.

Later, after walking a little way around the lake it was time again for us to sit and rest. First over lunch and later by the pool which had been covered over with a wooden board which had created a recent stage.

Extract from – SUNDAY 6th NOVEMBER – Click here to read previous day

Diary extract from Anna Quarendon’s Burmese Tour with Panoramic JourneysLost Cities, Hidden Trails, 2011. To find out more about this group journey , to Burma or Tailormade journeys to Burma with Panoramic Journeys, call +44 (0) 1608811183.



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